Two Points of Perspective

I’m really liking it here. I love the brisk weather and rain. The people are very friendly. Pretty much everywhere you turn there is something interesting to look at.

It really feels like there is a sense of community here. When I’m in a cafe, most everyone is having a conversation unless they’re working away on their laptops in the corner. When I was living in LA, it felt like most people kept to themselves. Other than cars and buses it was always strangely quiet. Then again I might be the only one who feels that way.

There’s a lot of talent and culture here. It’s hard not to be inspired.


Being from the American south, I am instinctually a country girl at heart. Whenever I think about my future, that’s where I am. I’m the type of person who is really sensitive to energy and can easily get exhausted. I wish it were a little less harsh for me as I see my peers thriving in large cities as if they’re the energizer bunny. I’m simply too introverted to live the typical lifestyle of someone in their 20s.

A Road in Angel.JPG

With all of the artistic talent and culture and fashion I’m seeing around me, it can honestly be just as overwhelming as it is motivating. I’m very happy to see things that light a fire in the people who are making the work, but are also impacting myself and others with whom it strikes a match with. Being an observer is one of the few things that makes me truly excited about living. But at the same time, it can be daunting. The closest thing I can compare it to is that feeling you had when you were a child and your parents dropped you off at school for the first time. You’re absolutely horrified but also excited and everything ends up being somewhat alright. That’s life in art.

xx Dara

A New Road


As I begin this next chapter of my life, I have decided to document as much of its intricacies as possible. In exactly one week I will be moving to London for a quarter of a year. This will be my first time having set foot in my ancestor’s country. The main objective is to further develop my work as an actor and grow by meeting new people and seeing new things.

Here on my website, I will be sharing photos and thoughts on places, food, fashion and my experience at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. I plan on seeing a few other spots around Europe as well.

I will do my very best to portray my experience here in writing as it were in my eyes. I look forward to sharing and most of all, taking the plunge into all that it will bring into my life.

xx Dara